Data Task Force

All European Transport Ministers, the European Commission and current industry partners established the Data Task Force during the High-Level Meeting on Connected and Automated Driving on 15 February 2017 in Amsterdam.

data taksforceThe purpose of the Data Task Force is to take the first steps towards data sharing for Safety-Related Traffic Information in the European Union.

The Data Task Force is the first project in the European Union and the biggest project in the world focusing on improving road safety by means of the large-scale use of vehicle data. The project is also unique because of the profound public-private cooperation. Together, we aim to improve safety on European roads, on a reciprocal basis. The European Union has set itself the ambitious target of halving the number of road deaths between 2010 and 2020. This only confirms the necessity of our joined efforts to improve road safety in the European Union, and shows the importance of your involvement in the Data Task Force.

Past cooperation has been pleasant and discussions have been fruitful: a proof of concept (PoC) has started in several European countries, in which vehicle data is to be shared for the purpose of Safety-Related Traffic Information. Industry leaders have agreed to cooperate and are willing to share relevant data.

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